Cultured Enuf​



Philadelphia, Pa




"When culture is ignored, barriers to effective services may emerge." 

Mason, J.L. (1995)


Cultured Enuf's 

3 areas of focus are...



Cultural Pedagogy Training (CPT)


Multicultural Pedagogy


Cultured Enuf uses research based cultural competence assessments to assesses the awareness of culture and race for individuals and determine the health of organizational culture.

CPT works directly with the CCA results and is designed to address specific areas of strength and great opportunities for growth for the organization or institution.




Strategic Planning 


adding to 'The Culture'

Cultured Enuf wants to support you as a leader to not just have the information and knowledge, but also, the practical cultural tools to add to the organization's or institution's culture.  


The diversity strategic planning time puts the practical into a reality.  This could be a 1 year goal or 5 year goal on diversity.  Let us support you in this process.



staff with the


Supporting staff to function and thrive in diverse sittings 


Be the type of leader that EVERYONE wants to work for.  Leading is a difficult task, especially when you add in cultural and racially differences.  Our desire is to support and equip you to have THE VISION for your diverse team. 

Everyone who works in an organization or institution should see, believe, and feel they are part of the culture.  You want everyone to see themselves in the story (Wiley, 2014)